Apartheid. What is it? Who or what were involved? And how did it end in South Africa?

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Imagine living in an actual time and place similar to George Orwell's "1984." There was a chillingly similar place for "non-whites" in South Africa from the 1940's to the 1990's. I believe that enforcing Apartheid is unjust and immoral. Reading this paper you will learn: What is apartheid? Who were involved? And how did apartheid end in South Africa?

What is apartheid? The system of apartheid--"apartness" between races--began in 1948 and in the time span of one generation, it wove itself into every aspect of life. Apartheid was a radical and extreme extension of segregation originating in colonial conquest in the seventeenth century by the Dutch (known as Boers or Afrikaners) and English.

Apartheid was separation by race and
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And the administration also repealed the pass laws. And a new constitution created separate parliamentary bodies for Indians and for Coloreds. Put great powers in an executive president, namely Botha. But, Botha administration's 'bad" was: it allowed the white parliamentary chamber to override the Colored and Indian chambers on matters of national significance and it maintained that schools and health and welfare services for non-whites remained segregated and inferior. It did not aid non-whites, especially Bantu, they remained desperately poor. And the State Security Council--which was dominated by military officials rather than cabinet members--became the major policy-making body. He started a massive military buildup.

A thing with a lot of influence was computers. Computer technology allowed the government to organize such an atrocious system of segregation and control. The computer helped to concentrate executive power to the hands of South Africa's white leaders. The U.S. was the largest supplier of computer technology in South Africa, despite the heavy embargoes placed by the United Nations. American computers were in use in almost every governmental agency, the police system, and the military. Computers not only supported apartheid control, they were completely depended upon to keep control.

The government absorbed 41% of all South African computers in 1986. Even if the computers were sold to "non-repressive" agencies or sold for

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