Apartheid and How It Affected People. Critics About Nadine Gordimer's What Were You Dreaming

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”What were you dreaming?” by Nadine Gordimer
Apartheid and how it affected people

As history moves on, in different countries and even whole continents, movements and regimes have been formed where groups of people take the power so that they can abuse, denigrate, ignore and even disparage and underestimate other people base on the colour of their skin or their religion. One of these systems of government, and probably one of the most influential of modern times, was the Apartheid which ruled over South Africa since 1948 to 1994. “a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation by the National Party (NP), the governing
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Not the same road but it’s the same—hot, hot like today.”1, the lack of money forced him to keep walking because the few rands (the local currency) he earned were meant to be for his family, to help them survive, “I send my pay home every week, s’true’s God, so’s they can eat, there in the Flats”1. When, to his surprise, a white couple offers to give him a ride in their car, he accepts but tries to be the least of a problem for them, “She ask me where I’m going and I say the next place because they don’t like to have you for too far”. As the story develops the black man builds confidence around the white couple (An Englishman and a white South African woman), so they end up having a conversation about the way the black man has to live under the Apartheid laws.

Although the main characteristic of Apartheid was the racial segregation, in this novel the author narrates the everyday life of this black man. How he was withdrawn from his home, the home of his ancestors, taken to a completely different place, to live in a house in worst conditions, where the pay is less than in those where the whites live. In general, he was forced to a life worst both for him and his family “I say how it’s not fair we had to

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