Apartment Lease : A White House Lease

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WHEREAS, DON A. TRUMP is the owner of certain property, more fully described as a WHITE HOUSE, located in the City of Washington. District of Columbia; and
WHEREAS, BERNARD SANDERS has high hopes and wishes to reside in the WHITE HOUSE owned by TRUMP; and

WHEREAS, TRUMP and SANDERS, (together the PARTIES) wish to enter into an agreement to memorialize the terms upon which SANDERS will be allowed to occupy the WHITE HOUSE, the parties intend to be bound by the following terms and conditions:
The parties acknowledge that this agreement contains all the terms upon which they agree to be bound. Landlord/Lessor/Agent, DON A. TRUMP, shall be referred to as "OWNER" and Tenant(s)/Lessee, BERNARD SANDERS, shall be referred to as
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RESIDENT also agrees to make each month a public declaration of his undying gratitude to OWNER for OWNER’s generosity in allowing SANDERS to enter into the agreement.
2. PAYMENTS: Rent and/or other charges are to be paid at such place or method designated by the owner as follows: each payment shall be hand delivered and each public declaration shall be made in a weekly radio statement. OWNER acknowledges receipt of the First Month 's rent of $1500.00, and a Security Deposit of $1500.00, for a total payment of $3000.00.
3. SECURITY DEPOSITS: The total of the above deposits shall secure compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and shall be refunded to RESIDENT within 30 days after the premises
4. LATE CHARGE: A late fee of $150.00 shall be added and due for any payment of rent made after the 10th day of the month. Any dishonored check shall be treated as unpaid rent, and subject to an additional fee of $50.00.
5. UTILITIES: RESIDENT agrees to pay all utilities and/or services based upon occupancy of the premises except salaries of Secret Service and/or Treasury Department employees.
6. OCCUPANTS: Guest(s) staying over 15 days without the written consent of OWNER shall be considered a breach of this agreement. ONLY the following individuals, AND NO OTHERS shall occupy the subject residence for more than 15 days unless the expressed written consent of OWNER obtained in
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