Apathy And Its Effects On Society

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Apathy Indifferent. Detached. Desolate from any kind of emotion. This is how one “feels” when apathy sneaks its way into their brain. Everything they have ever felt becomes a vague and distant memory, a vast void. There is nothing that can be done, so it seems to the individual. This leaves him/her quite helpless. And more often than not, the phrases “I don’t care!”, “Why does it even matter?”, and “It isn’t important” are overlooked and are labeled rebellious. But should those phrases not spark a greater concern? It must be terrifying to view a human being who carries on their lives with lassitude. Whether or not they know wrong from right, their lack of care and concern instigates negative consequences from loved ones and society. When one is empty of emotions, there is nothing stopping them from doing wrong, but there is certainly nothing stopping them from doing right. The notion that apathetic human beings need supervision, due to fear, needs to be reevaluated. This concern for those with apathy must be aimed at the reason why. This way, individuals will have a greater understanding of a realm that is so vastly hollow. Half way through this essay’s first paragraph, I had stopped caring and I had told myself it had not mattered and continued to sit in this very seat, just staring at my laptop. It was a very foolish thing to tell myself, as I had barely begun to type up this assignment. But why had I become apathetic, what were my reasons? One does not simply stop…
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