Ape Vs Gorillas Research Paper

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Ape vs Gorilla An Ape and a Gorilla are two of many in the Great Apes group, Gorillas seem to be very tall and durable. While, Apes however seem to be very small and weak/fragile. Let’s take a look on some more of their differences.

Gorillas and Apes might be very similar, but their looks on the other hand are very, very different. First, Gorillas are massive omnivores going around “6 feet and 2 inches tall and coming in at a whopping 350 pounds!”(Ann Elwood). Their fur is a dark black everywhere except their back, on their back the fur is a shiny dark silver, hence the name “SilverBack Gorilla”. Nonetheless, there is the mighty Ape. They are small and fragile. . .at least compared to the gorilla!
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