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INTRODUCTION "Training is futile if the trainee lacks the ability or motivation to benefit from it." (Dessler, 2005, p. 271) The performance management approach integrates assignments, training, assessing and rewarding employees ' efforts contributory efforts for goal achievement and influences organizational effectiveness. "Training can be an effective means of enhancing employees ' abilities," and to increase emotional intelligence. (George and Jones, 2005, p. 60) Accurate assessment of employee strengths and weaknesses assists the development of an effective training program. Teaching employees how communicate effectively enhances the work environment because there is no longer a difference between expectations and achievement.…show more content…
279) Methods such as computerized learning integrated with on-the-job training are very effective ways to conduct training for existing employees. There are many resources available online and offline for utilization during development of the training materials such as workbooks, instruction manuals and troubleshooting guides. The design process utilizes the knowledge gained through needs analysis as well as online and offline resources to develop training methods and written manuals for departmental positions. There are several methods to use but the method utilized is dependent upon the needs analysis results. If trainees need instruction in physical or cognitive skills, consider using the understudy method because most people learn better hands-on. Job rotation and OJT are additional options because these provide absence coverage, are relatively inexpensive, employees learn by doing and benefit from immediate feedback. Because we are training existing employees, training in this way continues production and illuminates additional problem areas, which require attention. Utilization of JIT for assemblers place job functions in proper sequence. However, broadly, defined clerical functions require a different type of training method and therefore EPSS methods because they are more beneficial. Secretaries and accounting personnel benefit from hands on as well; therefore, we suggested integration of internet training courses in

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