Apexification And Apexogenesis Similarities

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Teeth are very important to a person for many different reasons. Teeth not only have a cosmetic purpose but they have a functional person as well. It is important that a person’s teeth erupt fully because teeth are needed for anything from eating to the proper pronunciation of words. But if there is a severe trauma to the tooth, like it getting chipped or knocked out playing a sport, falling, or domestic or child abuse (Smith), all of these injuries can stop the development of the root. Root of teeth do not fully develop until two to three years after the tooth has erupted. If the root is allowed to develop completely it comes to a close known as the apex of the tooth. The apex of the tooth normally has an opening that is about one to three…show more content…
The first difference between apexification and apexogenesis is when they would be performed. Apexification is performed when the pulp cannot be saved in the tooth. Apexogenesis is the procedure that would be used if most or half of the dental pulp can be saved in the tooth. The biggest difference between these two procedures is that one will stop root development where the other encourages the development of the root. Apexogenesis is the procedure that will help the root to continue to develop. The root will continue to grow because the healthy pulp is left in the tooth and allows everything to continue growing. Apexification is the procedure where all of the pulp is removed and root development seizes to continue. The dental pulp is removed because there is no dental pulp worth saving, unlike in apexogenesis. These two procedures truly have more in common than they have different however. To start off with they are both endodontic procedures (dental). Both of these procedures use the same medication on the dental pulp, which is a calcium hydroxide and water paste. Both of these procedures should be performed by an endodontist. They are dentist that specialize in diseases and treatments of dental pulp (Smith). Both apexification and apexogenesis procedures need to be monitored anywhere from months to years to make sure everything heals
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