Aphasi Paul Broca's Area Of The Brain

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The dysfunction I choose to write about is Aphasia. I choose Aphasia because I have always been very interested in the brain and how important its function is to quality of life. Aphasia is a communication and comprehension disorder that is a result of damage to the area of the brain responsible for language. This area is usually located on the left side of the brain. Aphasia was discover by a French neuroanatomist name Paul Broca’s.
Paul discovered the area of the brain now referred to as the Broca’s area. In 1861 Broca’s provided consultations to an aphasic man named Tan. He was named “Tan” because “Tan” is all he was able to say. Unfortunately sometime after Tan died and Broca’s performed an autopsy on his brain. While preforming the autopsy Broca’s found that there was damage to the left hemisphere towards the back and bottom of the frontal lobe. This area later became known as the Broca’s area.
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This symptom can occur as a result of various different brain injuries. In stroke, the deficit is usually sudden and obvious. In head traumas, the aphasia may be undetectable. Exceptions are hemorrhages or traumatic contusions directly disrupting the left hemisphere language cortex, which may resemble stroke patterns. There are a variety of language disorders in dementia.
Language disorders in dementia come in various forms. For example, issues with language may be gradual and may require the assistance of an experienced physician, speech pathologist, or neuropsychologist. Some dementias, such as frontotemporal dementia, primary progressive aphasia, or Pick disease, have aphasic syndromes that are similar to the aphasic stroke syndromes described above, except that they begin gradually and progressively worsen. If aphasia is the only deficit for two years or more then primary progressive aphasia can be
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