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Aphasia Aphasia is classified as a language disorder caused by damage to the temporal lobe or damage higher up in the frontal lobe. It causes problems with receptive and expressive functions. Aphasia is damage in understanding and establishing complex, meaningful elements of language. It causes problems with words and word order making difficulties in reading and writing. There are many ways to test that Mr. McGeorge has …show more content…
It is involved in assessing the grammar and structure of speech while listening. Speech is transported from the auditory area to Wernicke's area for evaluation of the significance of content words, then to Broca's area for analysis of grammar. The area is named after Paul Pierre Broca, who first described it in 1861, who observed the effects of damage and conducted a post mortem examination. It is connected to Wernicke's area by a neural pathway called the arcuate fasciculus.

Wernicke's area is a part of the human brain which forms part of the cortex, on the left posterior section of the part of the brain where the temporal lobe and parietal lobe meet. This is where the majority of people have brain areas specialized for language skills located on the left.Patients suffering from damage to Wernicke's area have difficulty understanding language in any form. They can speak fluently, forming long and complex sentences, but their strings of words often lack communicative meaning. They frequently use vague terms and oblique descriptions that never combine into complete thoughts. From the creative speech production of patients, it is easy to see that this is not a difficulty with speech production, but with language production. It is named after Carl Wernicke, a German neurologist and
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