Aphra Behn 's The Year Of 1688

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Aphra Behn wrote the novel Orrokono in the year of 1688. During this time religion was a large part of everyday life for the people of England. There was major political and religious conflict during this time and it is reflected within Behn’s novel. Within the novel readers experience colonialism, slavery, death and a religion. The ideas of colonialism, slavery and death are up front and well described throughout the novel. Religion on the other hand is hidden and Oroonoko’s life in many ways, parallels that of Jesus Christ. The following will lay out in detail of such parallels. The first parallel is seen early on the novel. Oroonoko has won a war and any captives he obtains he sells to the British to be slaves. Oroonoko had trusted one captain in particular more so than the others who also show up in the port to by slaves. Oroonoko and this Captain would build a relationship that would eventually lead Oroonoko and his most trusted men to sit down with the Captain for a feast. The Captain would use this opportunity to take advantage of his friendship and enslave Oroonoko and his men. “the captain, who had well laid his design before, gave the word, and seized on all his guests; they clapping great irons suddenly on the prince … and betrayed to slavery” (Behn). Jesus would also have a similar fate with one of his most trusted men, Judas. Judas had set plans into motion also to betray Jesus. At the Last Supper Jesus would announce and confirm that one of his twelve
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