Aphy 101 Midterm Study Guide Essay

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Study Guide for Statewide APHY101 Online Midterm Exam (Study Guide , Ivy Tech Community College, East Central Region) NOTE: The midterm exam will pull: 40 questions from Chapters 1, 2, and 3 combined, 16 questions from Ch. 4, 19 questions from Ch. 5, & 25 questions from Ch. 6. Chapter 1 • Explain the difference between the study of Anatomy and the study of Physiology? • Name and define the levels of organization of life? • Define metabolism. • Define homeostasis? How does a homeostatic mechanism maintain homeostasis? • What is meant by negative feedback? How does negative feedback affect homeostatic mechanisms? • Know the locations of the major body cavities. Be familiar with major…show more content…
• What is the purpose of Cellular Respiration? What are the major stages in the Cellular Respiration Pathway? Where in the cell do the reactions occur? What major events occur in each stage? • Define gene, chromosome, and genome. • What is meant by complementary base pairing of nucleotides? • *Compare and contrast the structure and function of DNA and of RNA molecules. Reference Table 4.1. • *What is the purpose of Protein Synthesis? What are the major stages of the protein synthesis reaction? What major events occur in each stage? Reference Table 4.3. • Define codon and anti-codon. • Define mutation and mutagen. Chapter 5 • Define Histology & Tissue. • *Describe the 3 types of intercellular junctions. Reference Table 5.1. • *What are the 4 basic types/groups of tissue? Reference Table 5.2. • Briefly describe the function of the basement membrane of epithelial tissues. • How are the epithelial tissues named – by what characteristic(s)? • *Describe the structure and list the functions of the various epithelial tissues, including glandular epithelium. Reference Table 5.5. • *Name and describe the various structural types of exocrine glands. Reference Figure 5.11. • Define Extracellular Matrix (ECM) of connective tissue. • *Describe the 3 main types of cells and the 3 main types of fibers found in connective tissue? Reference Table 5.6. • *Describe the structure, and list the

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