Apl Shipping Process

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Shipping Process | American President Lines | International Business 1 | Fauziyah Kurniawati (01420110)/ Furqoni Agustina (014201100062)/ Icha’mar (01420110)/ Mazaya Ulfa (01420110)/ Mega Dewanti (014201100155)/ Saroha M.Manalu (014201100218)/ Sekar Pratiwi (01420110)/ Sofi Oktavia (014201100190)/ Velencia (01420110) I. Introduction On this report, we provide information about Shipping Process that we get from APL (American President Lines). As for, the data we got such as the requirement, documents that needed in shipping process, and also the overall shipping process that already told by our resources in the interview. We conduct an interview with Captain Nugroho Subroto as the Chief of Operation Advisor of APL (American…show more content…
* 40’ high cube muffler grade stainless steel reefer * Special Container * 20’ & 40’ open top container * 20’ & 40’ collapsible flat rack container To use the service from APL, the shipper must be delivers the goods for 1 container and the size is 20’ standard steel container and it must be Full Container Load (FCL). Guarantee delivery from APL The APL guarantees their customer to delivers their goods on time and based on schedule, the average time of shipping in the APL is around 1 week. There will be no additional fee for delivery service guarantee that they offers if the delivery is not completed within the quoted transmit time. APL will refund 20% if the shipment arrives late including in the peak season. It’s to maintain and keep the trust from their customer, APL keep improving in their service to its customer by give the customer the guarantee of shipment and also technology to help APL operates and running. II. Definition of Shipping Process According
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