A Hero's Journey

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She stayed away for as long as she could. Fighting towards the light, screaming and clawing in an attempt to get away from the body that was sucking her back in. The body that was supposed to be hers, but had ceased to be a sanctuary was calling her. It had become a joke, a cruel punch line, dangling release before her then snatching it away the moment before she reached it. She was desperate to escape the life that she had been imprisoned in and she fought every time even though she knew it was useless. She fell, like always, back into her herself and awoke suddenly, gasping for air. She was overwhlemed with sensation, blinded by the light in the room. When she was climbing towards oblivion she was formless, free from definition…show more content…
She pushed herself up on her elbows and listened as they walked past, speaking in their gutteral tongue that made spirals of nausea curl in her belly. Pushing herself up and out of the bed she felt a small spark ignite within her. So small, yet it felt hot against the ice that had invaded her core. She dressed herself, she made her way out of the door and into the long hall of the fortress. Cold stone walls and floor stretched as far as she could see, but she knew where they were headed. It was the time of day they gathered in the hall for supper, and she knew that he would be there with them. She hadn't put on her boots, and her bare feet were silent as she crept down the dark walkway towards the noises she could hear coming from the dining hall. The louder the voices got, the brighter the flame within her burned until she could feel the heat spread through her arms and legs. The flame of rage. It sparked a distant memory, the emotion that she thought had died now roared to life. It melted the numbness and spread through her like lava until she felt like it was too much to bear. Images of a man attacking her caused her to stop and double over, placing her hands on the cold damp wall to keep her upright. Him ripping into her flesh, the feel of her nails tearing his skin. She fought for her life again there in the hall, the images and pain so real that she didn't whether she was back there with him, or in the hall with her face pressed
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