Apol 104 Secular Humanisn and Christianity

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Secular Humanism and Christianity I. Part One: Secular Humanism 1. The Question of Origin A humanist rejects any existence and or thought of God and is believed that modern science can answer the question of how life began. “Atheists…propose the idea that God is not necessary for life or morals, and the answer to mankind’s existence is found only in nature itself” (Weider & Gutierrez. 2011, p56). They believe that the entire universe as well as life is simply by coincidence and that lucky for us, nonliving matter turned to living cells which eventually led to humankind; also known as Darwin’s theory. 2. The Question of Identity Humanists are always seeking primary truth through experiment and observation. They also…show more content…
Man decides for himself what is right and wrong, and is given the will to change his mind at any point. This goes hand in hand with the whole humanist belief and that man is in control of his own destiny as well as the principles he chooses to live by daily. 5. The Question of Destiny Humanist's believe that this world and this life is all we have. Once this “machine” (the body) breaks down and dies, death is the final and there is nothing more beyond that. Once the body starts decomposing, all that remains or they suggests lives on, is the impact they left on loved ones and through their culture (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011, p64). II. Part One: Secular Humanism vs. Christian Worldview 1. The Question of Origin In contrast to the humanist’s worldview that everything happened by chance, Christians believe that from the beginning, everything that exists, including humans was the result of God. Now Christians do believe in micro-evolution, also known as adaption, where an animal can endure some changes to help itself adapt to a different condition, but will never form into a different species. There is still no scientific evidence that can prove otherwise. God made sure of this when he was creating all living things that he kept all species “according to its kind” (Genesis 1:21-25). 2. The Question of Identity As opposed to the humanist view where we are nothing more then an highly developed animal, the Bible teaches us

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