Apolis Research Paper

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Our city, Apolis, is located in Finland, a country in Europe. Apolis has an estimate of about 500,000 people and counting. In the year 2120, we had a civil war in our city amongst our people. It was a four-year war and it took us over ten years to rebuild and remodel. Apolis is looking better than it ever has in the past. The hottest month is July and it only gets in the low sixties and the coldest month is February and gets in the low twenties in Fahrenheit. August is the wettest season with 3.5 inches of rain.

Infrastructure in Apolis is very civilized and organized. The selection of apartments in our city can be 30 -50 stories high. Most of our apartments are located near schools and grocery stores for the convenience of travel. Our housing
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Often times there is a lack of seating, so we brought outside sitting to our city. Careful not to overcrowd the area or have a poor amount of seating. Another problem we have dealt with in our city is the shortfallings of gathering areas. People would complain that there were not enough places that they wanted or needed. After taking these complaints into mind we have added playgrounds, vending carts, bus stops, outdoor seating, and eye pleasing shops that serve food. We took away features that served no real purpose other than to take up space, and not allowing vehicles to take over the public spaces by adding crosswalks, sidewalks, and reasonably sized roads. Our city took the blank or boring parts of public spaces and designed and managed our precious spaces. Transit, bus, or train spots have all been located in areas that are convenient and where people want to use them. These are all improvement that our city, Apolis, made to our local public spaces.

One thing we repaired in Apolis was the sidewalks. We improved the sidewalks so people can get places safer, faster and easier. Existing sidewalks were grounded up and then we recycled them and created better sidewalks. We turned an old abandoned theme park into a new theme park that people now enjoy visiting. We not only did we fix these problems, we also fixed multiple other problems to make our city a better place for tourist and our
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