Apollo God Of The Sun

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When you think of Apollo you mainly think of music, the Sun, and poetry, but little did you know that there is more to this young god than you thought. Apollo is a son of Zeus and Leto, and is the twin brother to Artemis the goddess of the hunt. Apollo does possess the power of music and poetry, but he also is the god of plague and medicine. Now the Sun? Apollo is not the god of the Sun, but he is given the description to be driving a chariot that leads the Sun around the world. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, brother to twin sister Artemis the goddess of the hunt. It has been said that the birth of both Apollo and Artemis were born on the island of Delos. It is told that when Hera, the queen of all the gods, found out Leto was pregnant with Apollo and Artemis she banished Leto from any form of shelter undertake sun. It has been said that Zeus look pity on Leto and transformed her into a quail to give birth to the twins, but since she couldn't find shelter, there was no luck. Leto had taken nine days and nine nights of pain until the tenth day she gave birth to Apollo’s sister, Artemis, who later acted like a midwife to help give birth to Apollo. Myth says that he grew into adulthood in just four days and to leave the island of Delos he transformed himself into a…show more content…
He wasn’t only worshipped in Greece, but in Egypt to Anatolia which is now northwestern Turkey. The Roman’s first temple was a shrine to the young god in 432 BCE, he later became favorite god of the Roman Empire. The Emperor Augustus of Rome was a worshiper of Apollo because of the battle of Actium, which was fought near the temple of Apollo, and Augustus later gained political leadership. Many link him with the city of Troy. Some say that he helped the sea god Poseidon build the walls of Troy. The god’s description as the god of music, archery, and medicine come along after the Oracle of Delphi was made. Much later he had became the Sun
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