Apollo Hoax Research Paper

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It was all staged? Apollo hoax

In this essay I will be discussing about the 1969 moon landing, that is believe to be staged by NASA. The U.S government has managed to fake the landing and fool the world to win the space race? I will use the search formula to explain two hypotheses with reason and evidence. The first is that NASA did not land on the moon, second is that NASA did land on the moon. At the end of this essay I will explain why NASA landing on the moon is more reasonable.

First hypothesis and evidence:
The USA government used the moon landing to take attention away from the Vietnam War that they were losing and staged the Apollo 11 1969. They were also losing the space race with the USSR and were scared when they
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According to the search criteria the hypothesis should be falsifiable, fruitful, covers most of the observed phenomenon, simplistic and conservative.

Using the search criteria for first hypothesis. This hypothesis is falsifiable and fruitful in its predictions but only covers the possibility of not landing on the moon. The claims for this hypothesis is very complex in which moon hoax investigator Kaysing claims that the rocket launch was real but orbited the earth for 8 days instead of going to the moon (Documentary). Another complex claim is that thousands of workers at the fake lunar set were able to keep this a secret from the society. This questions the adequacy of the hypothesis thus this hypothesis is weakly conservative.

Using the search criteria on the second hypothesis that I believe is more reasonable. This hypothesis is falsifiable and fits the fruitfulness criteria as for example the astronauts that went to moon did not receive any dangerous radiation effects because they were passing through the Van Allen Belts fast (Braeunig ). It also covers most of the observed phenomenon during their space travel on their mission. The simplicity makes the hypothesis more adequate. Even with a lot of evidence and claims, these claims can be support by logical explanation and scientific reasoning instead of just theory without evidence. Thus this hypothesis is more reliable and conservative as the reasoning is more consistent with out scientific
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