Apollo Hospital Has Been Growing in Size

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Apollo Hospital has been growing in size as it offers quality, prompt-caring services to the patients. Dr. Chandrashekar the Administrator is a person with good medical knowledge but lacks knowledge and skills involved in human resources management. The hospital has large quantities of medicine, equipment, spare parts of important machines installed in the hospital. As usual, the Hospital has employed a “storekeeper” with no previous experience of Hospital Stores. Mr. Ramakant the storekeeper was working earlier in an engineering firm and had sufficient knowledge of such stores. Ramakant reports to the purchase Executive whose job is to order requisite materials for requirements of the entire Hospital, Dr. Chandrashekhar has been receiving …show more content…
The downsizing was accomplished with compassion; no one was actually laid off. Early retirement, with substantial financial settlements, was the preferred solution throughout the system. Although there is no question that the process was painful, considerable attention was paid to minimizing the pain in every possible way.
A second major change occurred in BA’s top management. In 1981, Lord John King of Wartinbee, a senior
British industrialist, was appointed chairman of the board, and Cohn Marshall, now Sir Colin, was appointed CEO. The appointment of Marshall represented a significant departure from BA culture. An outsider to BA, Marshall had a marketing background that was quite different from that of his predecessors, many of whom were retired senior Royal Air Force officers. It was Marshall who decided, shortly after his arrival, that BA’s strategy should be to become “the World’s Favorite Airline.” Without question, critical ingredients in the success of the overall change effort were Marshall’s vision, the clarity of his understanding that BA’s culture needed to be changed in order to carry out the vision, and his strong leadership of that change effort.

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The Functions of HRM The role of the Human Resource Management Department The HRM Department has a very important role in helping the organisation to achieve its goals. The HRM Department’s plans must be linked to the organisation’s goals. e.g. if one of the
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