Apollo John F. Kennedy Space Center

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Where Apollo 13 took place and launched, was at the complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. It happened at 2:13 p.m. EST, April 11, 1970. What had caused it to orbit the moon and come back, was a ciple in the oxygen tank. One thing that happened was on the Apollo 13 spacecraft, a oxygen tank was crippled and they had to orbit the moon and return home. The main event was that for the third time, they successfully lifted off once more, just to run into a problem with the oxygen tank. The people involved (meaning on the Apollo 13) were: Fred Haise, Jack Swigert, and Jim Lovell. It kind of ties in with Apollo 11 because they both went to the moon but, Apollo 11 was made up to beat the Soviet Union in the Space Race by John F. Kennedy. Apollo 13 ties in with the three theme words, Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in these three different ways: Exploration, they explored outer space and learned many new things about plants, if anything grows on the planets, if anything lived there they didn 't know about, etc. Encounter, they encounter many new materials (plastic is one of those things). They had encounter a cripple and the oxygen tank that happened on the Apollo 13. Exchange, they exchanged ideas about what to do about the cripple of the one of the oxygen tank. They were trying to exchange communication on how they were doing in space. A fun fact about Apollo 13 is that it is the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo Space Program. Shortly after the incident with the

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