Apollo Vs Artemis Essay

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Greek mythology is a subject that has fascinated humans for millennia, that has inspired numerous books and movies alike. While the family tree of the Gods is a huge, and slightly confusing article of notice, full of many characters, both monstrous and beatific, two siblings are worth noting more so than others. Apollo and Artemis, twin siblings of the moon and sun, patron of archers, have been a subject of fascination for historians and mythology fans alike. These siblings have been known as both ruthless and fair on many occasions in Greek literature and are believed by some to be the most influential characters of the Ancient Greece. While they have been viewed as equal in importance, there are some key differences that make Artemis superior…show more content…
As stated earlier, Artemis became an eternal maiden, choosing to remain celibate, she was very protective of her and her hunter’s chastity. When men witnessed her naked, bathing, she would hear their side of the story before striking them down, such was the tale of Sipriotes, who was a child and accidently witnessed Artemis in the nude, being innocent she transformed him into a girl so she would not have to kill him. However, when an adult hunter, Actaeon, witnessed her nudity, he demanded that she be his wife and bear his children, Artemis responded by transforming him into a deer, to be eaten by his dogs. Apollo was impatient in his dealings with humans; such as, when the Queen Niobe of Delos bragged that she was greater than Leto, the twins’ mother, because she had sixteen children instead of two, Apollo took his golden bow and struck down all of her children and incited the citizens to tear her apart. Another instance was when Apollo had a flute contest with a satyr, with King Midas as the sole judge. Apollo was certain he would win, being the god of music, but the satyr was declared the winner, causing Apollo to fly into a fit of rage; he flayed the goat alive and cursed Midas with donkey
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