Apollo's Creation Story

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There once was a Greek God named Apollo. He loved the goddess Aphrodite as much as he loved his harp. However, Aphrodite did not love Apollo back. In fact, Aphrodite barely knew who him. Apollo figured that if he could impress Aphrodite she would fall in love with him. Mind thinking, Apollo decided to paint a magnificent picture, mentally applauding his idea. Apollo knew that Aphrodite loved art with a dying passion. He decided to paint the most beautiful painting that anyone could ever think of.

It was a late and windy night when Apollo got lost in the woods after hunting for deer. The wind, a blow from Aeolus, knocked Apollo to the ground. The sky, black and empty, bored Apollo to sleep. In his sleep, Apollo dreamt of a night where Aphrodite
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It was then, in an impoverished village in Corinth, when Apollo stumbled upon a hole. The hole was quite simple, yet somehow he was attracted to it. It was as if there was a magnetic force pulling him towards it. Near this quaint hole, Apollo found a rusty shovel. Upon the side of the shovel, engraved was the name Hephaestus, the god of blacksmith himself. He firmly grasped the neck of this godly shovel and penetrated the soft and moist dirt releasing the sticky dew from the morning. Apollo dug for hours and hours, and still could not find anything. Apollo began to cry. The red-hot stream of tears raced down the side of his face while he recited this…show more content…
He asked him to shoot each and every one of his diamonds into the night sky. Zeus agreed to this under one condition, that he had the control to place each diamond wherever he pleased. This was a laborious task that took days per diamond. Apollo did not mind the lengthy time, as he knew that Aphrodite was worth more than impatience.

Eventually, Aphrodite found out what had happened, and she agreed to marry Apollo. The two of them loved each other more than any other god in all of Olympus. The beautiful painting in the night sky shined with magnificent beauty releasing colors of deep purple and cool green. The new beautiful night sky was loved by everyone in Greece including the great and mighty gods. The painting was left in the sky by the gods as a symbol of what great love can build. This painting in the sky are the stars that we see
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