Apollo's Impact On African American Culture

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On those nights that the Cotton Club hosted some famous white entertainers, Duke and the band, we would get work at the Apollo. The Apollo use to feature burlesque performers, however the city’s mayor did not care for burlesque and campaigned for other entertainment to be perform at the Apollo. At a time when most theaters forbid blacks to perform in mainstream establishments, let alone enter them, Sidney Cohen decided that the Apollo will be the first to allow blacks to enter and perform. Around 1934 African Americans began to perform and celebrate a new black culture in New York. I call the Apollo a place of opportunity. Because on the stage they were not legends, but became legends after performing on the Apollo stage. I just know that the Apollo …show more content…

It was one of the most important cultural institutions in Harlem. The relationships that formed over time in and around the Apollo strengthened the community as a whole. The Apollo’s lush history became an economic and cultural anchor for Harlem. The Apollo became the principle employer of African American theatrical workers in their community. One of a few main theaters to hire blacks for backstage and performance positions. The Apollo helped blacks come of age socially, professionally, emotionally and politically. The community in Harlem exerted common values and understanding in how they faced discrimination and prejudices. They rose above the hate and became stronger as an organization and community. In Waldinger, Roger and Mehdi Bozorgmehr, eds. 1996. Ethnic Los Angeles, they write about population changes due to immigration and how these changes effect the communities in L.A. Similarly, the migration from the south to the north created an ethnic transformation in Harlem and helped Harlem become a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis. By interacting on a regular basis around shared experiences created strong bonds that formed over

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