Apollo's Role In Greek Mythology

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The God will be talking about is Apollo. He’s the god of music, healing, medicine, prophecy, archery, plague, knowledge and the sun. Apollo is well known for all his prophecies and that he was one of the twelve gods that was believed to live on Mount. Olympus. The Greeks worshipped Apollo because he helped the Delians, Greek Mythology considered him as the god of the sun and a prophet about the future. It’s important to know about Apollo because he played important roles, like for example he was responsible to move the sun with his four-chariot horse to give light.Apollo is the son of Zeus and Goddess Leto, born on the island of Delos. His early life was busy, he had many responsibilities to keep up with each day. When he was only four days old, he showed great talent for archery and he played on his golden Lyre (which Hermes gave to him). The family members of Apollo are his twin sister Artemis (the goddess of hunting), his parents Zeus and Leto, grandmother name Phoebe (titan goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect). Apollo isn’t known as the god of light in mythology, but he’s known as the god of healing and prophecy. In the ancient Roman history, Apollo is the first god to have the same name in ancient Roman history and Greek Mythology. Also, his real name is Phoebus which means “bright” or “pure” and connects him to his grandmother, the Titan goddess Phoebe.
In one of the myths Apollo was
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It’s very important to know these things because there’s more to Mythology and ancient Roman history instead of all the basic things that people know from tales and stories from teachers and parents. Therefore, this topic explains more about the Greek God Apollo and what he did in his life, who he was and what he was god of. It was said that Apollo was a Purifier, he could cleanse those who were stained with blood of their
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