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The following article was written by David Wheeler for publication in an apologetics encyclopedia. However, the subject matter of the article is equally as important in the realm of evangelism. Considering that most approaches to evangelism, including Share Jesus Without Fear, are basically driven by supplying proper “information”, at what point does one’s incarnational lifestyle enter into the equation? Is evangelism only the communication of proper information, or does it also include the total person in reference to one’s outward behavior that validates the information to the world? Is it both “information” and “incarnation”?

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Subject: Incarnational Apologetics

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The same argument can be applied to other areas of traditional apologetics. Consider for a moment the important issues related to the resurrection of Christ. While the historical and biblical aspects are imperative in validating the authenticity of the event, one must never ignore how that miraculous event transforms the individual expressions of a Christian’s daily life.

For instance, a Muslim friend who converted to Christianity communicated that it was not the great arguments of traditional “informational” apologetics that finally drew him to examine the claims of Christ. On the contrary, it was the consistent caring actions of a high school friend who lived out a “resurrected” life before him.

It was not that his friend ever stopped verbally sharing the “informational” truths about Christ with him. The truth is that he boldly shared the gospel on many occasions. The bottom line was the simple undeniable fact that his friend’s life “incarnationally” validated the biblical truths he graciously espoused.

In fact, the former Muslim admitted that he regularly abused and embarrassed his schoolmate hoping that he would grow weary and leave him alone. In the end, the former Muslim became a Christian because he could not argue with the evidences of a transformed life that ultimately became a tool of the Holy Spirit prompting his heart to further examine the directions of his faith.

It is here that both the “incarnational” and “informational”
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