Apologetics Application Paper Part 2 Submission Form Jeremy Story

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Apologetics Application Paper: Part 2 Submission Form

Jeremy R. Story
APOL 500
Instructions for submitting the Apologetics Application Paper: Part 2
Complete your introduction as it will appear in the final paper.
Include an outline of each major element of the final paper.
Include your full bibliography.
Follow the template / submission form provided.

Submit the Apologetics Application Paper: Part 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.

Add as much space as necessary to each section below.

1. Introduction Paragraph for Final Paper:

Atheistic Naturalism an ever growing trend in the United States, and although it is not at a level to be concerned with at this point; it is
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III. Evaluation of the Atheistic Naturalism Worldview
A. Internal Logical Consistency
1. For atheism to stand it is necessary that there be no God or gods.
2. It is necessary that the morality of humans be an agreed upon set of ethics.
B. Factual Adequacy
1. It is necessary to see some sort of evolution occurring presently in nature.
C. Existential Viablilty
1. There must be consistency in morality and code of ethics.
IV. The Christian Alternative
A. Christianity is more logically consistent than Atheistic Naturalism because…
1. The Christian Alternative accepts that chance and natural law play a role in the world and in human life, but is open to the thought of an external power having influence as well.
2. Atheistic Naturalism also uses this same school of thought, but in a different manner. If an atheist believes in the ability of alien beings to communicate with humans they believe in communication from and external power.
B. Christianity is more liveable.
1. Atheistic Naturalism is founded on the premise that it was an accident that human life was created, or just dumb luck.
2. Atheistic Naturalism provides no hope for human life, whereas Christianity of founded on hope and redemption.
V. A Defense of Christianity
A. Theistic Arguments
1. Cosmological Argument
1. The cosmos as we know it demands that there be an intelligent designer behind it.
2. The design of the universe is so

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