Apologies Are The New Teachers

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Apologies Are the New Teachers
(Three things Learned from Plato’s Apology)

There are many writers, authors, and speakers in this world that are considered among the greats, but perhaps the greatest two of western speculation are Plato and Socrates. These two hand in hand had a huge influence on American Literature and others as well. Perhaps one of the most remarkable writings of Plato, since Socrates never once himself wrote anything down, is his writing of Apology. The writings of Apology showed some of Socrates final moments, how he carried himself, and most importantly what he said. Socrates was perhaps one of the most intellectual and perceptive minds that ever lived this life, and he had many important ideas and most specifically questions. There are many important things to be derived and learned from the writings of Plato, and voice of Socrates. From Plato’s Apology I learned three important things; how to question society, how to defend oneself with poise, and most importantly, “That the unexamined life is not worth living.” according to Socrates.
To begin, one of the important things i learned from Plato’s Apology is that it 's okay to question society. Socrates himself questioned everyone, questioned the mind, made his pupils think, which is why I think one of the most important things to take away from this piece is how he made you think, how he questioned everything that you thought was stable until you realize that nothing around is actually even set in

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