Apology For The Bridge - Original Writing

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Albert had offered his apology for the bridge, saying it was his idea to block the roadway. That he along with James, Mitch, Blake, and Laura had dammed the bridge just yesterday after noticing that most of the zombies they’d been getting around the school were coming from within the town. By damming the bridge it allowed them to isolate the school on the east side of the creek. Albert went on to say that there were only a few zombies that they had to deal with having made it over the bridge the first day. But they had assumed more would come. Billy then thought of the corpses he saw lying along the first base fence line on one of the baseball diamonds just outside of the school. As Albert went on he said, “So when we noticed that…show more content…
They rode the golf cart to the west end of town and then set off some of the explosives. Having detonated the bombs they got every zombie within a five-mile radius headed in their direction and away from the school. A few minutes after hearing the explosions, Albert said that he, James, and Laura went to work. They quickly got the excavator hot-wired and then did the same to the NYSEG truck that was parked on the side of the road with a flatbed full of concrete dividers. James swung the truck over to the west side of the bridge and parked it horizontally blocking the entrance. He then used the excavator to tip the truck over on its side, spilling the dividers and creating a makeshift dam of debris. He and James then used a couple of chain saws to cut down tree limbs from the oaks and pines that lined the embankment of Black Bottom Creek. With the help of Laura they used them to fill in any gaps in the blockade, thereby completely closing off any remaining entryways they could see becoming problematic. The last thing they had time to do before the dead started making their way back over to the bridge after having heard all the clamor, was to slide in some fence posting. They then wrapped the posts with cattle wire hooking it all up to a series of car batteries via jumper cables and an amplifier. At that point Johnny said, “Yeah, I found that one out the hard way,” as he gave a wince while looking down at his palm, which
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