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Saru Maharjan Professor Nathan Poage Philosophy 1301 March 2, 2017 Apology of Socrates Socrates was a Greek philosopher and the founder of western philosophy. Plato was the student of Socrates who was very motivated by the life and teaching of Socrates. Plato was also one of the greatest Philosopher of ancient Greece. Apology is the actual recorded speech of Socrates by Plato, which was delivered at the trail to defend himself. Many people did not agree with Socrates, so they made several charges against him, which is recorded in the Apology. Some of the accusations made against him were studying the things in the sky and below the earth, corrupting the young, making a worse argument into a strong argument and not believing in the gods…show more content…
But Socrates never charged the people for listening to him. Even though Gorgias doesn’t fulfill the need of philosophy, they were not charged. Socrates compares himself with Gorgias, Prodicus, and Hippias and he proved that the false rumors about him were not true. Another charge made against Socrates was corrupting the young, which Meletus claims he was guilty of. “He says I am guilt of corrupting the young, but I say that Meletus is guilty of dealing frivolously with serious matters, of irresponsibly bringing people into court.” (Cooper 28) Meletus blamed that Socrates was guilty of corrupting a young man. He again asked logical questions to the Meletus to defend himself. He says Meletus was not concerned about the young man, he himself was concerned about and knows about the law. Law is the only thing that was improving the young man. He again asked Meletus how he was corrupting the young man. He was improving the young man, which everybody was doing. The members of the council, audience, and members of the assembly everybody was making a good man. As per Socrates, Meletus thinks everybody doing the same work was making good men but Socrates was corrupting a young man by doing the same work Socrates was also charged for not believing on the gods. “I think he contradict himself in the affidavit, as if said ‘Socrates is guilty of not believing in gods

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