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The book Apology begins with Socrates making a short speech in which he defends his innocence. He was on trial because of the two “Later” charges against him. Corrupting the youth and disbelief in Athenian gods were among the charges. Before he began his speech, he made it clear to the judges that he is not familiar with the court system and also that it’s his first time in court so that he will be speaking in his “usual manner”. His accusers warned the judges that he has a great persuasive power. However, Socrates insisted that he makes no claim of being so persuasive in his speeches. He stated to the judges that, he doesn’t exaggerate or give false information to mislead them. He told the judges that, his accusers should be ashamed for even suggesting that he would mislead them by the force of his persuasive skills. Socrates insisted, the only type of eloquent language he will use will be truth. He asked the judges to deliver justice and justice only, and to avoid considering his manner of speech. Socrates presented two arguments to defend himself from the charges. Socrates accusation started even before he was present for his first trial in court. One of the older accusation was based on people’s assumption that he flew on the clouds and thought Philosophy. (Commentary on Plato 's
Apology of Socrates) Socrates pointed out how Aristophanes in his comedy play depicted Socrates as a super human that could walk on the air. He stated the play was exaggerated and has given

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