Apology : The Apology Of Apology

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The Apology The Apology is meant to defend Socrates as he stands accused by Athens. Considering how Socrates presents his defense, it is evident that he only uses the title of apology as justification but not as a regret statement or expression of sorrow. The apology was made after Socrates was accused with ungodliness as well as corrupting the youth in Athens by alienating powerful people in the practice of Socratic dialogue. The Socratic dialogue is a process attempting to clarify concepts such as justice and friendship by using definition from a person who argues that he understands the concepts and systematically showing how such a definition as well as definitions by other philosophers leads to contradiction. Socrates explains in his defense that the accusations against him are false. For instance, when explaining that it is not true that he does not believe in the gods as he does so by believing in daimonia, which are children of gods, he is convinced that he cannot get the Athenian jury to acquit him of the accusations. It is evident that he does not commit injustice as Meletus argues. However, he cannot convince Athens to acquit him of the charges because he has incurred much hatred. So many people including those challenged by the youth who follow Socrates hate him (West, West, Plato, and Aristophanes 78). Instead of the challenged men hating themselves and their arguments, they hate Socrates for making false claims that he corrupts the young. Through his claims

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