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Apoorva Mandavilli the editor-in-chief of Spectrum, an autism based news source, wrote a true story about a girl named Maya who is a 24-years-old with Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome is another name meaning that Maya is Autistic. She attended Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, and never knew she was autistic until she was 21 years old. She went to various doctors often diagnosed with borderline personality disorder other anxiety disorders because they are more prevalent in women. She was given medicines that did not help, was misdiagnosed, and suffered socially ultimately having to diagnose herself (Mandavilli). Maya’s story shows how undeveloped research in autism for females has become, and how negatively it affects…show more content…
Females with autism suffer because of being a minority within this disorder and this prejudice often carries over into other disciplines in the medical research field. There are many biological differences between males and females that cause males to be more susceptible to autism. According to a study performed by Sheryl Ubelacker, males missing one gene called, PTCHD1, on their X chromosome are much more likely to have autism. While females are not affected as noticeably by this because the posses two X chromosomes. Men inherit their X chromosomes from their mothers, indicating that women carriers of this mutation enabling autism (Toronto Star). Having a higher risk for autism does not mean that autism research should be focused on men. It is equally important to find out why women have autism and it could lead to discoveries that would help both males and females. Having a deeper understanding of why women are not equally affected by X chromosomes and why the different affects the Y chromosome has on males and their chances of getting autism is an important research development. Without this knowledge there would still be more questions as to why A study done by clinical psychologists surveyed 14 females who were not diagnosed with autism until adolescent and adult years. It used Framework Analysis in order to explore the experiences of the 14 women and find similaritis in their vulnerabilities and trials. Autism

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