Apostle Paul Use Of The Armor Of God

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Hermeneutical Application by George Mburu, KE100653
Apostle Paul use of the Armor of God
The author undertakes an application of biblical Hermeneutics in respect to the Apostle Paul’s address of the armor of God to the Ephesian Church. Actually, the author comes alive to the need of proper Hermeneutic skills for right application of the biblical Corpus. Indeed, the use of necessary tools has been encouraged for better application of the Scriptures. Towards the end of the essay, the author makes tentative conclusions.
KEYWORDS: Bible, God, hermeneutics, exegesis, corpus, text, context, application, hope, warfare, Greco-Roman, kingdom, struggle, believer, victory
The term “Hermeneutics” comes from a Greek word, that means “to interpret” hence it signifies interpretation of literary text to the fullest measure. In addition, for that practice, sound principles must be employed in the interpretation of the text. Therefore, one realizes that, when exegesis concerns itself with the meaning of a text to its
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The author explains about the warfare and how a soldier was equipped. The enemies are categorized into four main ones, I) Principalities/authorities II) rulers, III) Powers IV) forces of wickedness in the heavenly realm. A sage once commented that, “Those who conquer the skies also conquer the earth”. And definitely sure, once believers conquer evil powers, principalities who rule different spheres of influence, and evil rulers in the dark world, win victory. However, as the Apostle Paul, Craig and other authors argue, the challenge holds a spiritual warfare (cosmic-the unseen world). Accordingly, the reader and the interpreter should appreciate that the cosmic is real and troubles many hence the insistence of the apostle Paul for
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