Appalachian Home Health Services Is Facing A Staffing Issue

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Appalachian Home Health Services is facing a staffing issue, and if not fixed could create a nurse storage in their facility. A nurse put in her two week’s notice and the administrators need to find someone fast, especially factoring in the down time that comes with the hiring process. As losing just one nurse would cause the nurses to be working over their capacity. To make their situation worse, they have no applicants on file and they are situated in a rural area. Due to this rural area, there is only one main competitor, Care One. In which, Appalachian home health has been providing more visits than Care One, however, Care One receives more doctor and non-local hospital referrals. After their advertisement in a local newspaper, they received two applications, both had no experience in the home health services and both had downfalls in hiring them. However, overall both candidates fit the job description that was put out by the Appalachian Home Health System.
The candidate that the administrators chose to interview was a registered nurse with a B.S.N. degree and had previous work experience at a local general practitioner 's office. While on paper she looked like a perfect fit, a year and a half prior, she killed her husband after a domestic violence situation. Furthermore, she was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to ten years, however, she was released early. Usually, people in this situation would have their nursing licenses revoked, however, friends petitioned…
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