Appalachian Home Health Services Is Facing A Staffing Issue

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Appalachian Home Health Services is facing a staffing issue, and if not fixed could create a nurse storage in their facility. A nurse put in her two week’s notice and the administrators need to find someone fast, especially factoring in the down time that comes with the hiring process. As losing just one nurse would cause the nurses to be working over their capacity. To make their situation worse, they have no applicants on file and they are situated in a rural area. Due to this rural area, there is only one main competitor, Care One. In which, Appalachian home health has been providing more visits than Care One, however, Care One receives more doctor and non-local hospital referrals. After their advertisement in a local newspaper, they…show more content…
The other candidate was about to graduate a two – year technical college as a registered nurse. Although this met the requirement listed on the job description, however, due to bad experiences with two – year RNs the administrators decided not to interview her. While it could be a correct assumption that two – year RNs do not have the technical skills as compared to 4 – year Rn, it could have also been the teaching that the company was providing to these employees. Both applicants would technically be able to perform the tasks listed on the on the job description. The only logistical issues would be that the agency needs a nurse as soon as possible and the two-year RN applicant potentially had more than that left in her schooling. The other being that Ms. Jenkins did not have home health care experience. The potential benefit of hiring Ms. Jenkins is the fact that she is a reregister nurse with a bachelors’ degree behind her. She has been practicing for a significant amount of time and is known around the community, from working with a PR actioner. Due to her prior work, she probably knows many elderly in the area. She also has a four-year degree and the administrators like that more than applicants with two-year degrees. However, Ms. Jenkins was involved in an abusive relationship and did commit a crime that was made very public in the town. While she was released early from jail and her license to practice was given
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