Appalachian Mountains And Appalachians

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Appalachians The Appalachian Mountains region is roughly 360,000 km squared, taking up about 3.6 percent of Canada's land surface. This region locates itself on the islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and a bit of Quebec, with Moncton and Halifax as some of its major cities.The rocks, most of which are mostly sedimentary, were changed drastically when Europe and North America collided, causing its geography to be uneven, with many jagged peaks. Forestry, agriculture, fishing, tourism, coal mining, logging, and manufacturing are their main industries.Their overall population lands at a bit more than 25 million. Some interesting facts are that they have the oldest mountains and the richest fishing. Canadian Shield Despite covering 5 million km squared of land (over 50 percent) it does not have ideal soil for crops while having the richest area for mining. The Canadian Shield occupies most of Quebec, much of Ontario, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories and a small portion of Alberta. Some of the jobs in this area of only 7 million are lumbering, mining, and manufacturing. Their land contains mostly igneous and metamorphic rock plus many minerals (gold, nickel, lead, copper, zinc,). When the tectonic plates collided the mountains, later eroded to flatland or rounded hills. Its geography also contains rivers and lakes from glaciers. Some of their largest cities are Montreal and Kugluktuk. Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands
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