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Dear Clyde Russell Scholarship Committee, I was six when I first learned the hierarchy of colors. In the innocence of my preschool fingerpainting days, I had established them as equals who could ooze effortlessly together to form new vibrant tints—yellow was sunshine and giraffes, white was snowflakes and glass slippers, and black was naptime and burnt toast (my favorite). This ethereal vision was violently overturned when the older, more aware third graders approached me on the swings at recess and noted that my foreign “gross” yellow skin and my black “snake” eyes were the colors of filth and waste. For weeks I walked the house prying my eyes open as wide as I could, hoping that the fashionable, electrocuted look of fear would become permanent,…show more content…
In the span of seven years, I watched my aunt endure the horrific effects of chemotherapy and stomach cancer, one of my grandfathers die of diabetes, the other slowly and painfully waste away from an incurable neurodegenerative disease and muscular dystrophy, and my mother suffer severe symptoms of anxiety. Science, which I had once revered as the more logical, know-it-all sister of Magic, had frustrating limitations and did not possess all the answers. Although I had always been drawn to the clarity of mathematics and mechanism, having made a hobby of taking apart clocks and locks, examining the intricate relationship between their form and function, and putting them back together, I now have added to that curiosity a clear and focused purpose. I wish to apply my interest of the inner workings of all things to specifically that of the body and the mind: I intend pursue biomedical engineering and neuroscience so that, through my research, I may impact starting from a molecular…show more content…
Disease does not discriminate between black and white: in this way, I regard it as is both destructive and unifying, terrible and beautiful. In particular, I am fascinated by engineering as it demands a certain system of thinking, a mode of problem solving that is ever-evolving and is unique to the issue at hand. Memorizing complicating processes and vocabulary words does not remotely guarantee success in engineering, which is what I admire about it. By demanding adept adaptation and original strategies, engineering demands progress. As an engineer, I intend to apply the force of my training towards improving the health and awareness of people so that future generations will not lose the people I have lost, and within hours will be able to approach a problem that scientists today may take years to
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