Appeal of Robert Frosts "Out Out" Essay

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There have been many interesting and appealing poems written throughout history. One of the most interesting and appealing poems is Robert Frost’s “Out, Out”. The poem has the ability to make the reader visualize an event in vivid detail without making it into a short story. The poem depicts a very dramatic scene and makes it seem as if the reader is really there. Poems are generally thought to be about love and feelings, but some poems can actually be like a short story; these are called narrative poems, which means that they tell a story. The poem “Out, Out” is a great example of a narrative poem, telling the story of a young boy cutting a tree.      Robert Frost captures one’s attention with the opening line…show more content…
Now is when the snarling buzz-saw proves its evil growl to mean something as it “leaped out of the boy’s hand, or seemed to leap” (15). Frost did not say that the boy dropped the saw or that the boy lost control of the saw, but that the saw itself leaped out of the boy’s hand of its own free will. The saw is not happy enough with its free will to leap out at the boy but it also cuts off his hand “neither refused the meeting. But the hand!” (18).      The poem now gets to the peak of its drama. The saw cut the boy’s hand off and he is desperately trying to figure out what to do “holding up the hand half in appeal, but half as if to keep the life from spilling.” (20-22). The boy is bleeding as one would expect from getting cut at a major artery at the wrist. The boy’s blood is spilling out and he is trying to keep his life from spilling out. Frost does not call it blood but he calls it the boy’s life to let you know that he is slowly dying as he bleeds more and more. The boy does not seem to know what really happened, he is in a state of shock. The boy tells his sister “Don’t let him cut my hand off—The doctor, when he comes. Don’t let him, sister! So. But the hand was already gone” (25-27). The boy did not realize that he had already lost his hand. The doctor comes and puts the boy in the “dark of ether” (28) and the doctor tried to do what he could but it was to no avail the boy
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