Appearance And Appearance In Society

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Society is derived by social acceptance, this infers that people will learn to work in the circle of cultural bounds. Human beings are forced to work hard at getting along with others because it is not difficult to slip out of the boundaries that culture has shaped in society. The brain attempts to make difficult information simple to understand internally. When an event happens that is viewed as not normal in society, we have a difficult time processing that material. If we observe a mother and daughter holding hands in a crowded environment, it is considered normal maternal instincts. What would happen in society if we added the fact that the mother is 55 and her daughter is 20 years old?
I didn’t know how I was going to achieve breaking a norm in society. I was inspired by an old picture when I was young, holding my mother’s hand while walking down the street. I decided to take my mother on a shopping trip to Tanager outlet and river town mall in Grand Rapids. I thought the power of numbers may take some of the stress away from having negative attention directed at myself. We mimicked the image from years ago and put it to the test in society to find if we were viewed differently fifteen years later.
Appearance in society
To begin this social experiment, I chose to wear average clothing consisting of shorts and a nice T-shirt as to appear like a normal college student. I walked through the parking lot, hand in hand, with my mother. We both
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