Appearance Of A Black Woman

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There 's this young woman I 've seen in the Union on occasion. Appearance-wise, there 's nothing particularly remarkable about her. She is of about average height and weight for a white American woman in the traditional college age bracket, and she wears darker, earthy tones and dark blues. However, rather than engage in the stereotypical interactions of her peers, chatting and standing or walking slowly in groups, she appears to prefer solitude. She is almost always alone, and she moves through the crowded Union with a quiet, focused purpose. She 's not fast, but she doesn 't stop moving or even break stride if something catches her eye until she reaches her destination, and, when combined with the colors she wears, she can easily blend…show more content…
Again, her expressions change rapidly, but here it 's almost like she has pulled out a rehearsed piece and she is reciting dialogue, complete with simulated happiness at getting her unsweetened black iced tea. There is something unnatural and chilling about how she handles herself, and I get the feeling I really don 't ever want to be on her bad side.

Margaret and I have been best friends since preschool. We 've grown up together, so, yeah, I 'd say I know her pretty well. She 's definitely introverted, no doubt about it, but she 's not cold. A lot of people who don 't know her very well think she 's this cold, distant machine but really, she 's not. She has a difficult time opening up to people and she doesn 't trust easily because trust would make her vulnerable. The same goes for physical contact. If someone she 's not entirely comfortable around touches her, even a friendly shoulder touch or a hug, she tenses up and goes into self preservation mode because she sees it as a threat. The same goes for social environments where she is forced to interact with people she may not know, like, or have any interest in knowing or liking. She 's not exactly the life of the party, however, if you can get her on her own and gain her trust, you have a lifelong, utterly loyal friend. She takes friendship very seriously, and she definitely prefers quality over quantity.
I 've been
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