Appearance and Locomotion of Animal

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It is striped in white and dark colors. It is shaped like a normal sea snake with dark colored stripes. It has a slightly beaked face like the name implies. Most of them are dull colored, there are some with slightly colors. It doesn’t use its eye so much so it and has poor eyesight due to it using touch because it hunts in muddy water sometimes. It has a rudder on it’s tail to help it swim better. It moves in a pack sometimes if it is migrating to a new area. The snake can also go on land too, but not as well as on water.

Appearance and Locomotion of Plant
Algae is everywhere aquatic so it has any shape or form. Algae is usually identified as sheets of green, it is not the case as algae has many colors. Red, orange, brown, and yellow are some colors algae can be. It grows in the sea, fresh water, you name it. It can grow in small patches or a huge old sheet of it if there’s not so many fish to eat it and the water is very nutritious. It grows on the surface layers of water. It can grow on the beaked sea snake and pretty much every fish, object, skeleton, whatever in the ocean. Algae can spread throughout water by waves, objects, or animals.

Life Cycle of Animal
15-30 snakes of medium size are born at sea. Usually only a few survive as the mortality rate is high. They breed like any other snake. After being born, the snakes will grow rapidly.
Life Cycle of Algae Algae…
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