Appendix : Industry And Competitive Analysis Essay

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Appendix: Industry and Competitive Analysis
External analysis: analysis of the macroenvironment, Industry & Competitor

Appendix A: PESTEL analysis
 Political factor: Weak
The political factor based on tax policy, fiscal policy, tariffs, the political climate, and the strength of institutions. Based on given case, the pizza industry does not have a heavily relevant to the political factor.
 Economic conditions: Strong
The growth for the general economic climate of pizza industry which shows in 2012, the total sales over worldwide is $42.8 billion and plan to grow to $49.5 billion by 2017. Base on given information, the pizza industry can gain 15.7% economics growth over 6 years.
 Sociocultural forces: Strong
Because of people’s lifestyle tends to be healthier according to National Restaurant Association’s survey in 2010, but pizza consider as a junk food so the industry started to offer salad bars and began to add gluten-free and low 0carbohydrate items on the menus with low trans fat pizza. Also it offers vegetables, calcium, and protein for the pizza topping.
 Technological factors: Weak
Even the pizza industry has the growing use of technology but this growth does not belong to the potential for wide-ranging effects for society, even not one of the genetic engineering or nanotechnology. This growth only for pizza industry such as improve the productivity in order to cut down labor force.
 Environmental forces: Strong
From 2007 until 2012, the environmental forces

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