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Associate Level Material Appendix B Sexual Response Cycles Use your own words to complete the table below with the experiences and changes in anatomy of males and females during the various sexual response phases. Stage of Masters and Johnson Sexual Response Cycle Male Experience and Anatomy Female Experience and Anatomy Excitement Phase The male during the excitement phase experiences an increased heart rate, as well as breathing. The male’s penis usually becomes erect during this stage, as it prepares for coitus. However, the male’s penis could lose and regain its erection several times during the excitement phase. In addition, the males testicles drawn up towards the perineum. The male’s scrotum…show more content…
Orgasmic Phase The Orgasmic Phase is where the male typically ejaculates, and achieves an orgasm. The male experiences convulsions in the pelvic region and in the loin area as well. This phase is where the male ejaculates, and marks the point of when he orgasms. During this time, the male experiences an even more increased heart rate than the other phases. The Orgasmic Phase is where the female reaches her orgasm. However, there are times when the female may orgasm before the male, and vice versa. It has been noted that orgasms in females assist in fertilization, because the vagina walls contract, which aid in helping the sperm reach the final destination. However, orgasms for females are not necessary for fertilization to occur. During the orgasmic phase, females experience vaginal spasms, and tend to become vocal as they have reached their peak. Resolution Phase The Resolution Phase is where the male loses his erection, and his breathing returns to normal. Now it is important to note that during this phase some men actually continue to be stimulated, and find themselves starting the phases over again. In addition, the male’s blood pressure returns to normal range again, as their pressure was elevated during several of the previous phases. The Resolution Phase is where the female starts to return her body to the normal state that is was, prior to the beginning of coitus. However, during this phase, the female could also be suseptible

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