Appirio: New Venture on a Cloud

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Appirio: New Venture on a Cloud Appirio a Cloud Computing services offers products and services that uses crowdsourcing and cloud, social, and mobile technology for enterprise development. Appirio business is experiencing explosive growth sustained by its effective strategic partnerships with Google and The company follows what it propagates for housing all of its systems in the cloud. Appirio's senior leadership team believes that building its venture on the cloud offers extreme competitive advantages in terms of agility ability to scale and employee empowerment to drive rapid innovation. Appirio: Business Model Appirio, a cloud solution provider, creates products, delivers professional services that help enterprise accelerate their adoption of the cloud and empowering business with mobile, social and cloud technology. With over 2500 customers, Appirio demonstrates an accomplishment of carrying out mission-critical cloud solutions and developing innovative products on cloud platforms such as Google Apps and Appirio provides strategy, deployment, crowdsourcing, and extension services. It also offers a suite of applications, which include Cloud Management Center, an application to run cloud development projects and manage cloud architecture. Appirio has its offices in the U.S. and Japan from where it serves a wide range of companies. Appirio’s business model by design from the onset has been product and services—the next generation IBM

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