Apple 1 Research Paper

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The Apple device you're holding in your hand right now, had to start from somewhere right? Well behind that screen of pixels is two men, one being the world famous Steve Jobs, the other hiding in his shadow. “The Apple 1 was the first piece of equipment these two geniuses built, It was one of the first Personal Computers ever made according to "Steve Wozniak.”This computer was first presented at the Homebrew Computer Club, where it wasn't widely accepted because it was believed that no one would have a need for a personal computer (“Steve Wozniak"). The first Apple 1 ever built was built inside of a briefcase where every component was either bolted or glued in. Apple made 63 Apple 1’s and only 6 remain to be alive and working today. The last Apple 1 to ever be sold was in 1999 and bought for 50,000 dollars.(“Apple’s greatest products”). The giant company that many know today…show more content…
Berkeley. "Famous White-Hat Hackers | Investopedia." states that Steve Wozniak was born in San Jose, California, in 1950. And received a B.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley. Wozniak or “Woz” as his friends called him built his first computer when he was 13 years old and was an electronics prodigy by the time he was 19. He met steve jobs when he was 14 and together their first project built a “blue box” which works just like a “black box”.(“Steve Wozniak”). Jobs and Wozniak used this “Blue Box” to hack into public telephones and make toll free calls. The next large project that really led the duo to explode in fame was the production of the Apple 1 or known as the kit computer. According to "Wozniak, Stephen." Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce. (2002), this computer was built out of the garage of Steve Jobs’ mother and was the location of the business for a large amount of time. Steve Wozniak still is an Apple employee but is not active and receives a stipend of $120,000
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