Apple : A Good Opportunity For Apple

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OPORTUNITY Opportunity for the company is to engender products that can give not only contentment to clients but health benefits as well. The company can engender a product that will not cause much harm to the user’s health. The introduction of Apple Watch is a good opportunity for Apple to impress the world the way it did by the introduction o f iPhone on January 9, 2007 by Late Steve Jobs. The growth in smartphone market and cloud service is a really good opportunity for Apple to expand their services in icloud and also to introduce new iPhones in their iPhone product line. By doing this the company will have competitive advantage over other firms. THREAD The biggest thread for the Apple is the rapid change in technology. The lower…show more content…
GEOGRAPHICAL By looking into the geographical Segment of have built their business everywhere throughout the world like America, Europe, Asia and Australia and South America. As of late Apple decided to execute a vertical development methodology and started extending their own particular retail locations. The organization likewise offers its item by means of outsider merchants, or through web through their own particular site or through the iTunes. BEHAVIOUR In this business sector portion Apple giving great product learning to the clients by promoting on web search tools, T.V. as they have a great brand image. Utilizing this brand picture they are persistently thinking of new thoughts and items and drawing in the clients. Apple has got a good response rate as customers are looking for new designs and innovations the way Apple is delivering. TARGET MARKET Apple is popular around the world because it targets many different groups. YOUNGSTERS AND KIDS Youngsters are viewed as one of Apple’s target markets. Youngsters use iPods and iPhones for many reasons. Like playing games, listening to music and using Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and many more apps. There are likewise numerous gaming applications that speak to them. IPods have ended up truly a pattern with young people. Similarly iPods and iPads are also useful among kids. Because it’s easy to use due to their touch screen. Parents can download learning
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