Apple : A Microeconomic Student 's Perspective Essay

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Apple in a Microeconomic Student’s Perspective Entering the market around April 1976, Apple Inc. has made a huge revolution on electronic devices. In 2008, Apple Inc. was the best branch globally following is Google Inc., and only last year, Apple has sold 110,000 per day which means 48 million phones a year in total. Starting by only 2 people Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer Inc., former name, was making $2 million in profits solely on the strength of the Apple II, by 1978. After 38 years, Apple has grown tremendously to become a giant company with multibillion in revenue a year. Apple’s market type is competitive, and it is a private enterprise. The company’s best known hardware products include Apple II, Macintosh Computer, the Ipod, the Iphone, the Ipad, IMac, MacBook, etc. Apply not only makes good products, but also has good strategy of marketing and sales. Studying Apple, microeconomic students can learn a lot of them by comparing our lessons to their real life strategies. Apple has entered so many industries such as mobile phone and laptop industry market, software industry, and music industry. The approximate number of enterprises in mobile Phone and laptop industry are more than 150 company worldwide (Samsung, oppo, …) and US alone is 15 company (Amazon, Apple, AT&T, BLU Products, Caterpillar, Google Pixel, etc.) In software industry, there is less competitive for Apple because there are less companies provide good quality software in the share
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