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Apple: Incremental Innovation and Impending Obsolescence. From the humble beginnings of a portable music player to the empire we know today of phones, computers, music players, games systems and of course, if they don’t have it, ‘there’s an App for that’ – Apple Inc. is an innovative force to be reckoned with in the current portable communications and entertainment industry. It owes this success to constant, incremental changes made to its products over the course of many years – closed innovation allowing them to fend off all comers while delivering something unique to the market. It started in 2001, when the first iPod music player – Mac compatible only – was released. Sales were slow, through analysis of the sales,…show more content…
‘Mashup’ and ‘vs’ tracks are major floor-fillers at nightclubs around the world, if Apple was to combine elements of music editing into their iPod platform, be it as simple as tempo changes, gradually introducing the iPo-DJ software to keep people interested, or at least extend the product lines shelf life in this declining market. Furthermore, music streaming services; Pandora, Spotify (of which I am a paying user), MOG Music, Rdio, Sony Music Unlimited and Rara just to name a few, are rapidly growing and encroaching on formerly iTunes dominated territory. They offer subscription based universal access to their licensed content rather than paying for every individual track and album before being allowed to listen. Unique to many of these services is the option of Cloud-storage, where you store a small file on your device which links the lookup data to the main server of whichever streaming service you’re using, essentially enabling you to save all the music available on the service with a minimal amount of space taken up on your device and very little bandwidth usage. iPod streaming is another possible route the company could take to extend the products profitable life, while utilising innovations such as cloud storage for virtually limitless music for the consumer. Apple’s main

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