Apple And Android Vs. Android

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Apple or Android? This is a question several people ask themselves before purchasing certain electronics today. Both Apple and Android are especially dominant in the phone market where they have been competing head to head with each other for around a decade. Both also have some rather interesting background history, from the development of their devices to the great masterminds behind the tech. It is also fascinating to take a look back in time and compare what was then to what is now and see how much technology has evolved in a relatively short amount of time. But one has to be superior to the other, right? Apple is better and more superior when compared to Android because it has a richer and more interesting history, sells more smartphones than their leading Android competitor, and their tablets offer better prices and functions than Androids’. Both Apple and Android have a great, and rather interesting, history behind them, but Apple’s is quite the story. Most people don’t realize this, but Apple has been around for decades. The company was created way back in 1976 which is quite a while ago. But it wasn’t until 1997, when Steve Jobs took over as the CEO of the company, that Apple pronounced itself as one of the world’s leading corporations in electronics. Steve Jobs is a very recognizable name round the world and this is due because of the great success he had while at Apple. When Jobs took over as the CEO Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, but he turned everything
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