Apple And Apple: The Organisational Structure Of Apple

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Apple is a multinational company headquartered in Cupertino,California,America which designs and sells consumer electronics,softwares and online services.This company’s hardware products include IPhone, Mac Computers, Apple Watch Smartwatches, Apple TV, IPod Series and softwares which are MacOS and iOS operating software systems and online services which are iTunes Store, iOS Appstore, Mac AppStore, Apple Music and iCloud.
The founders of Apple are Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak on 1’st April 1976 and was first called as Apple Computer Inc..


Their first products were Wozniak's Apple I which was the first personal computer which they designed and developed which they began selling. Within a few years of significant revenue growth and reputation, Steve and Wozniak hired staff of computer designers and started a production line.Within a decade, apple had started shipped new computers featuring an innovative graphical user interface, and apple’s products received widespread critical acclaim. But the expensive price tag of its computers and its limited software title ability caused problems for the company. Then Steve resigned from apple computers inc. and had created his own company. A few more shuffles occurred between job positions of the company and then the ceo of apple during 1997 had decided
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Organisational structure determines the supporting capability changes, new strategies and policies. In the case of apple, employees are effectively developed, integrated and promote organisational cultures facilitating rapid innovation. This innovation is observable in apple’s products like the iPhone,iPad and Apple watch. As the company's organisational culture generally contributes to its strengths it also imposes challenges and limits to the firm. Nonetheless, Apple has been fine tuning its culture to properly match the dynamic business
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