Apple And Its Impact On The Workplace

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Apple was established in 1977, created by Steve Jobs and became a billion dollar company. Apple designs media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players. Apple is a great company; however, there have been many conflicts, especially overseas with Foxconn. This factory does not follow Apple regulation and policies, and the main one is the Suppliers Code that concerns workers’ living conditions and the environment they work in. At Foxconn, there have been many conflicts, and Apple is trying to fix it. Foxconn, located in China, is the largest electronic manufacturer in the world. Foxconn manufactures iPhones and iPads and has over thousands of employees. The issue that Apple was having with the supplier was that the hours were way too long. The issues escalated to a point where several media sources reported that many workers committed suicide. There was an investigation placed to find the main cause to the issue, which were the long hours. The normal work hour is sixty, but at Foxconn, it is seventy and internal management. The problem with the management at Foxconn was that it is run in a military style of management. For example, the first person that committed suicide was Sun Danyong; he was interrogated for losing an iPhone 4. Another issue with Foxconn was that the workers lived in the factory; the facility had its own bed for every employee. Apple found the child labor in the factories. Also, Apple had issues with Wintek, the chemical that was used
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