Apple Annual Report Analysis

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These figures combined show that private and institutional investors both see value in this stock and are positive about its future prospects. For its latest fiscal year, Apple recorded $142.3B and a Net Income of $38.6B (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). The latest Apple Annual Report, which the majority of which is the company's Form 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, forms the basis of this analysis.
Analyzing the Apple Annual Report
The main sections of the latest annual report include the following sections. Part I defines the core business of Apple including a short description of its most popular and financially successful products, business model and risk factors. The following sections define the real estate Apple owns including its global manufacturing centers. Section 3 defines the current litigation Apple is involved with. Part II begins the financial sections of the Form 10-Q with a price range analysis of common stock, cumulative stock performance, selected financial data and analysis. Section 7 includes an overview of the company's performance and a lengthy section titled Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations. This is an area that includes an expanded discussion of the risks and factors that were…
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